Real estate leads are as good as gold for a real estate professional – in the truest sense of the word. The real estate leads you track today are your customers tomorrow and your payroll in a month. Much of your time as a real estate professional is spent generating real estate leads and turning those leads into customers. The advent of the Internet and its rise into mainstream culture in the late 1990s brought real estate agents a new tool: online lead generation.

Nowadays, the majority of people who want to buy or sell a house or do something real estate economic go first on the Internet. Years ago, people would get ready to buy or sell, and then go to a local real estate agency and get a real estate agent. Now they can start researching properties that are between 3 months and 5 years before they actually take a step! This means that real estate professionals need to find new ways to find these real estate leads early so that they have time to process them and turn them into clients. There are two main ways to do this now: buying a lead generation service and paying for real estate leads, and creating your own website with contact pages to generate your own real estate leads.

Which way is better? Honestly, if you don’t do both, you won’t be as successful as you could be. Every real estate professional who wants to be a top producer needs their own personal website with homeowner information, contact forms, a blog, etc. This way, real estate leads can find you on the Internet.

On the other hand, the majority of the top producers out there not only have their own website,┬áBut Companies like these also sell real estate leads to brokers either at a monthly subscription price or let the broker pay per lead. These services set up websites that offer homeowners free house value information in exchange for their contact information. Basically, a homeowner goes and fills out a simple form about himself, his contact details and his home and sends it to the company’s website. The company in turn gives this “lead” to every real estate professional it has drawn in this lead area, and it is up to the real estate agent himself to work out the value and follow-up with these real estate leads.

For example, GetMyHomesValue offers exclusive leads – where the lead is given to one and only one agent in the region, while other companies out there will sell the same real estate leads to several different agents. HouseValues has extensive email drip campaigns and scripts to make tracking a little easier for agents, while GetMyHomesValue has its staff try to contact the leads several times for the agent and then leave the rest of the tracking to the individual agent.

The criticism that most of these lead generation companies receive has to do with what real estate leads actually are. Since these “leads” fill in information online, they can often give fake information to avoid contacting them. This makes it more difficult for agents to trace the information.

However, the successful agent will not give up when confronted with real estate leads that give a real estate address and email address, but will give a bad name and a bad number. A large agent will exploit all tracking options before scrapping ANY lead, such as using public directories such as the white pages online, tax records of the property, reverse look-ups, etc. You will be able to track the lead to the most appropriate location. They will email the line on a weekly basis and even stop at the listed property to determine who actually submitted the line.

What happens if the owners of the property claim they haven’t requested their house value information, nor do they want to sell it? The not-so-hot agent will be angry about the waste of time and blame the lead generation company for selling fake real estate leads. The HOT agent will imagine, in any case, offering their services in every way possible and handing out a business card, then managing the house contents in the knowledge that although they may not have gotten to the bottom of the leadership, they have just added another prospective buyer to their pipeline of real estate leads.

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